The acronym of “OPCA” stands for ‘Organization for the Poor Community Advancement’. OPCA is a local voluntary, non-profitable, non-political development organization in Bangladesh. It works for the people irrespective of Caste, Creed, Sect and Gender. But the main focus of OPCA is to improve status of the neglected community especially Adibashi (Tribal), Fishermen, People with Disabilities, Beggars, Tea Garden laborers, Transport and Garment workers, Rohingya Community etc.

Message from Executive Director

I am very much excited to let you know the message of opening our website. This will also bring a ray of hope and broaden our communication, cooperation and coordination with our stakeholders who are supporting OPCA for changing the destiny of our beneficiaries.

The website of OPCA will open the door of communication to all of our well-wishers who are continuously providing support and cooperation for OPCA’s development.

We gratefully acknowledge the support our Stakeholders particularly national, International NGOs and Donor Agencies who have extended their helping hand for OPCA’s development.

We believe, this sort of cooperation shall be continued in future along with the betterment of the beneficiaries who are the most distressed people of the society; jeopardized with myriad problems and struggling for their survival.

We are confident confidence that all of our donors, stakeholders and well-wishers will continue their support. In future we will strive to be better in every endeavor and look forward to working with you all this 2020 and onwards.

Sincerely, Md. Alamgir,  Executive Director.

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We are pleased to work with our of donors and partners, nationally or internationally.







We are working in Chittagong divition of Bangladesh.