OPCA’s Past Programs:

OPCA’s Past Programs:
A. SHOUHARDO (Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunity)

B. Livelihood Improvement Facilities for Ethnics (LIFE)

C. Let Children Speak (LCS)

D. Market Development in Freshwater Prawn (Golda) and Transfer Prawn Culture Technique to present Poly Culture System in Greater Chittagong Region

E. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) Vegetable Production Technology Transfer to Small Farmers of Mirsarai Upazila with Development of Domestic and Export Marketing Linkages

F. WATSAN (Water and Sanitation)

G. Secondary English Teaching Improvement Project

H. Tripura Adibashi Community Development Program

I. Strengthening Local Government Project

J. Integrated Maize cultivation its Diversified utilization, develop Market Linkage and Vegetable
Production Technology Transfer to Small Farmers

K. HIV/AIDS Prevention Project

L. Vulnerable Group Development (VGD)

M. Maternity Allowance to Poor Mothers

N. Project Dignity for Honorable Beggars

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