PEER (Preparedness for Effective Emergency Response):

The project has started on August 01, 2014 and will come to an end July 30, 2017. The main purpose of the project is to strengthen emergency response capacity to save lives and protect livelihoods of the most vulnerable and affected population.

This project aims at increasing capacity of the staff and beneficiaries so that they could respond to any emergency relief and rehabilitation in the event of any disaster. Through this project, the beneficiaries will be trained and capacitized how to face emergency, disaster risk reduction and relief work ensuring minimum damage.

Major activities of the Project:

• Regular monitoring of the situation and inform the donor accordingly.

• Respond rapidly and effectively to any emergencies and the emergency response includes; humanitarian needs and protection of livelihoods especially of the most affected communities.

• Preparation emergency contingency plan and update it regularly.

• Maintain or develop relationship with local disaster management committees, Upazila Nirbahi Officers, NGOs and other organizations.

• Ensure participation of all staff especially the senior staff in preparedness for ensuring effective emergency response training and relevant workshops, meetings etc.

• Staff deployment in the area as soon as the disaster is happened

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