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Vision & Mission

Poverty-free Bangladesh where people live with dignity and enjoy their rights.

Strengthen capacity of the neglected community particularly of Hilly Adibashi, Urban Poor People, Coastal people and Tea Garden labors so that they are organized, have their rights and improve their livelihood.

Core Values:

We are responsible for the organization’s physical and behavioral environment.

We are accountable to our community, development partners and to each other.

We are innovative in creating a better future.

We are fair, ethical, transparent and professional.

Aims and Objectives of the Organization:

1. To establish rights of marginalized and disadvantaged people especially of Children, Disabled, Adibashi, Adolescent Girls and Women towards reducing all sorts discrimination in society.

2. To improve livelihood of the Poor and Hard-Core Poor people including Adibashi (Tribal Community) through income generating activities (IGA) and skills development training utilizing their creativity.

3. To ensure people’s participation for their own development, so that they could continue community-led process for their sustainable development through resource mobilization, linking with service providers including the government agencies.

4. To facilitate and transfer appropriate technical know-how for sustainable community development.

Strategic Objectives:
• Innovative programming
• Strengthening funding base
• Organizational excellence
• Promote visibility of the organization
• Community participation in program planning and implementation

For whom OPCA works:
OPCA works for the people irrespective of Caste, Creed, Sect and Gender. But the main focus of OPCA is to improve status of the neglected community especially Adibashi (Tribal), Fishermen, Disabled, Beggars, Tea Garden labors, Transport and Garment workers etc.
Management of OPCA:
OPCA has a General Body (GB) consisting of 30 members which is the supreme authority of the organization. In addition, there is an Executive Body (EB) of 7 members and they all are elected by the members of the General Body and this body is responsible for execution of all programs. All programs of the organization are implemented by a group of dedicated, skilled and experienced staff steered by the Executive Director. The Executive Body is accountable to the Governing Body for failure of any program or any unwanted happening occurred during implementing the program.

Major Focus:
Micro-Finance and Micro-Enterprise, Water and Sanitation, Livelihood, Climate Change and Disaster response, Health and Nutrition, Education, Rights and good Governance, Agriculture and Marketing, Disability.

Target Group:
Adibashi (ethnic minority), Fishermen, Person with Disablity, Coastal community, Marginal Farmers, Women, Children and Adolescents, Beggars, Tea garden labors, Transport and Garment Workers.

Working Strategy:
OPCA fosters non-directive and non-obligatory, but bottom-up and participatory development working strategy for ensuring people’s active and spontaneous participation for their own development. Thus OPCA adopts target group development approach in implementing its program for sustainable development. With the end in view, OPCA firstly organizes the beneficiaries into homogenous group through awareness raising activities and secondly, it facilitates them for initiating economic activity to generate income and reduce poverty through their active involvement and participation.