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Current Program :

A. Micro Finance Program (MFP)

B. South Asia Wash Result Program

C. ENRICH (Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of the Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty) Program

D. Promoting Rights for Person with Disability (PRPD-DI)

E. Education Support Program (ESP)

F. Primary Healthcare Project

G. Save Urban Children from Hazardous Job and Assistance for Linking with Academy (SU-CHALA Education Project)
H. Agriculture and Livestock Development Program
I. High Valued Spices (Turmeric, Ginger and Chili) Production and Develop Market linkage
J. PEER (Preparedness for Effective Emergency Response) Project
K. CBR Roll out Project in Bangladesh (proposed)

PEER (Preparedness for Effective Emergency Response):

The project has started on August 01, 2014 and will come to an end July 30, 2017. The main purpose of the project is to strengthen emergency response capacity to save lives and protect livelihoods of the most vulnerable and affected population.

This project aims at increasing capacity of the staff and beneficiaries so that they could respond to any emergency relief and rehabilitation in the event of any disaster. Through this project, the beneficiaries will be trained and capacitized how to face emergency, disaster risk reduction and relief work ensuring minimum damage.

Major activities of the Project:

• Regular monitoring of the situation and inform the donor accordingly.

• Respond rapidly and effectively to any emergencies and the emergency response includes; humanitarian needs and protection of livelihoods especially of the most affected communities.

• Preparation emergency contingency plan and update it regularly.

• Maintain or develop relationship with local disaster management committees, Upazila Nirbahi Officers, NGOs and other organizations.

• Ensure participation of all staff especially the senior staff in preparedness for ensuring effective emergency response training and relevant workshops, meetings etc.

• Staff deployment in the area as soon as the disaster is happened

Agriculture and Livestock Development Program:

This project is financed by Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) for helping the marginal farmers of Mirsarai Upazila for improving the livelihood. This program was started in July 2013 and the program will come to an end in next year.

The Objectives of the Program;
To improve the livelihood security of the beneficiaries through implementation of improved agricultural technologies at farmers level. Through this program, OPCA is implementing the following activities in the field.

Major Activities of Agriculture and Livestock Unit:
Capacity building training, Block demonstration, Agriculture Information Center, Result demonstration, Technology demonstration, Farmers Field Day, Input Support, Farmers Rally, Vermi Compost, Vaccination, Fishery related demonstration etc.

In addition, the project also works on fisheries development at farmers level along with the above two components. The fisheries activities include; capacity building training of the fishing farmers, improved fish variety introduction, demonstration, input support etc.


pic-2This project is financed along with indirect technical support provided by PKSF. The objective of the project is to initiate multifaceted approach of development strategy to help the beneficiaries within the periphery of micro finance component as it has been proven that the single prescription is not appropriate and farmers do not have holistic development. With the end in view, PKSF has started this integrated intervention in order to ensure increased benefit to the farmers.

The Specific Objectives of the ENRICH Program:

• Attain total development of each household as well as the whole community participating in ENRICH.

• Ensure freedom of ‘un-freedom’ and human dignity for all members of the households under ENRICH.

• Empower the poor households so that they can pursue a pathway that would lead them towards the goal of human freedom and dignity.

• Ensure access of all participants in ENRICH to all capacity enhancing activities such as education, skill training, and health services; essential educational facilities, appropriate financing for their chosen economic undertakings, necessary market and other information; appropriate technologies; and so on.

The activities of the ENRICH program include the following;

Static Clinic, Satellite Clinic, Medical Camp (Eye, Medicine and Dental), Education, Credit Support, Sanitation, Beggar Rehabilitation.

SU-CHALA Education Project

Goal of the Project:
To create awareness among the Adibashi Tripura children working in Tea Garden, reduce detrimental child labor and promote basic education through non-formal education. This project is implemented in Andhar Manik Tea Garden and Bagan Bazaar Tea Garden under Fatikchari Upazila of Chittagong district and Ramgarh Upazila of Khagrachari Hill district.

Project Objectives:

• To promote pre-primary and non-formal education among the Adibashi Tripura children.
• Teach the three R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic).
• To introduce Adibashi Tripura language (Kokborok) and Bangla and teach the students.

The major activities of the project are;
• Formation of School Management Committee (SMC)
• Convene Community Meeting
• Initiate Community Communication
• Introduce co-curriculum (i.e. dance, song, acting, skills training, social activities, awareness raising meeting, income generating activities, service oriented activities, physical work, learning activities, cultural activities, armature activities (fast aid) etc.
• Incorporate social activities, skills training and service providing activities etc.

Primary Healthcare Project:

OPCA has undertaken the project to provide primary healthcare facilities to the poor rural people of Mirsarai Upazila under Chittagong district. With the end in view, OPCA has appointed one Paramedic and one Trained Birth Assistant (TBA) for its project operation and they are based in the main centre office. From their base station (Clinic), they are providing their services both medication and healthcare education to targeted project participants especially the expectant and lactating mothers, children of different ages, adolescent girls, children with disability and the older citizen within the periphery of the Clinic.

Project Objectives: The broad objective of the project is to provide primary healthcare service to the expectant and lactating mothers, their children and people living in and around the periphery of the Clinic of all ages so that they could lead a healthy life.

Working Approach and Services:
This team is paying regular visit to the Satellite Clinics established in the adjacent areas and service deprived localities. The patients are given few common medicines almost at free of cost and they are referred and linked to the other government and non-government healthcare centers for better treatment. The Primary Healthcare Project is directed by community people so that they can continue the program by their own initiatives. All stakeholders, service providers, private agencies, local government institutions are helping the project to make it sustainable at community level.


OPCA is implementing this project in selected Unions of Mirsarai Upazila. It is a systematic approach to help and rehabilitate People with Disability (PWD) in their respective community by using existing local resources. The activities also ensure effective involvement of community people resulting to the development and full participation of disabled people in all existing activities in the community by which disabled people are turned into an effective contributor to their respective areas.

The objectives of the project are;

1. To enhance capacity and confidence of people with disabilities for their active participation and constructive engagement in community development process.

2. To influence and increase capability of service providing institutions to ensure disability inclusive planning, allocation of the budget, resources and accessibility for people with disabilities.

3. To create economic opportunities for people with disabilities through skills development, linkage opportunity and IGA support.

Major Activities of the Project:
Formation of Local Ambassador Member (LAM) Group, arrange Training, Formation of Disability Friends Club, observation of Special Days and Disability Week at Schools and Colleges, Advocacy and Lobbing, distribution of Assistive Devices and Referral Services, Identify disabled students and help them to enroll in Schools, Support LAM Group in carrying out their action plan, Primary Rehabilitation Therapy (PRT) and provide legal support to the disabled people.

South Asia Wash Result Program:

This is the largest program of OPCA, covering all the administrative districts and Upazilas of Chittagong division. The program is financed by UKAID through Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor (WSUP), a non-profit international development organization with its registered office at 10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1 BE, London, UK and local Office Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor (WSUP Bangladesh) which is also registered with NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh.

The Key Activities of the program:
a. Inception Session at Upazila, District and Divisional level

b. Advocacy Meeting/Workshop with Upazila, District and Division level

c. Strengthening the WATSAN Committee and School Management Committee (SMC)

d. Formation of School Health Club/School Brigade

e. Orientation/refreshers of the students of Health Club/student Brigade

f. Arrange WATSAN Mela (fair)

g. Cultural Activity, Film Show and Documentary

h. Advocacy and Networking with School Management Committee and others

i. Awareness on Gender Sensitivity

Micro Finance Program:

It is the main program of the organization. OPCA has started the Micro Finance Program initially in Sonapahar (adjacent to Dhaka-Chittagong Highway), a village of Mirsarai Upazila under Chittagong district targeting the poor, landless, Adibashi and underprivileged people in 1992. Now OPCA has completed 24 years of its Micro Finance Program operation in 2015. Most of the beneficiaries of OPCA who have started Micro Credit activities; have been graduated to Micro-Enterprise which is the great achievement of OPCA’s Micro Finance Program.

The loans provided to the Clients are divided into 04 classes i.e. Rural Micro Credit (Jagaran), Micro-Credit (Agrashar), Seasonal Loan (Sufalan) and Ultra-poor (Buniyad). OPCA disburses loans to the beneficiaries on the following activities:

Handicrafts, Cow Rearing, Cow Fattening, Poultry and Duck rearing, Sewing and Embroidery, Rickshaw Van, Pottery, Agriculture, Micro Enterprise, Clobbery, Black Smithy and Dairy.