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pic-2This project is financed along with indirect technical support provided by PKSF. The objective of the project is to initiate multifaceted approach of development strategy to help the beneficiaries within the periphery of micro finance component as it has been proven that the single prescription is not appropriate and farmers do not have holistic development. With the end in view, PKSF has started this integrated intervention in order to ensure increased benefit to the farmers.

The Specific Objectives of the ENRICH Program:

• Attain total development of each household as well as the whole community participating in ENRICH.

• Ensure freedom of ‘un-freedom’ and human dignity for all members of the households under ENRICH.

• Empower the poor households so that they can pursue a pathway that would lead them towards the goal of human freedom and dignity.

• Ensure access of all participants in ENRICH to all capacity enhancing activities such as education, skill training, and health services; essential educational facilities, appropriate financing for their chosen economic undertakings, necessary market and other information; appropriate technologies; and so on.

The activities of the ENRICH program include the following;

Static Clinic, Satellite Clinic, Medical Camp (Eye, Medicine and Dental), Education, Credit Support, Sanitation, Beggar Rehabilitation.