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Primary Healthcare Project:

OPCA has undertaken the project to provide primary healthcare facilities to the poor rural people of Mirsarai Upazila under Chittagong district. With the end in view, OPCA has appointed one Paramedic and one Trained Birth Assistant (TBA) for its project operation and they are based in the main centre office. From their base station (Clinic), they are providing their services both medication and healthcare education to targeted project participants especially the expectant and lactating mothers, children of different ages, adolescent girls, children with disability and the older citizen within the periphery of the Clinic.

Project Objectives: The broad objective of the project is to provide primary healthcare service to the expectant and lactating mothers, their children and people living in and around the periphery of the Clinic of all ages so that they could lead a healthy life.

Working Approach and Services:
This team is paying regular visit to the Satellite Clinics established in the adjacent areas and service deprived localities. The patients are given few common medicines almost at free of cost and they are referred and linked to the other government and non-government healthcare centers for better treatment. The Primary Healthcare Project is directed by community people so that they can continue the program by their own initiatives. All stakeholders, service providers, private agencies, local government institutions are helping the project to make it sustainable at community level.