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OPCA is implementing this project in selected Unions of Mirsarai Upazila. It is a systematic approach to help and rehabilitate People with Disability (PWD) in their respective community by using existing local resources. The activities also ensure effective involvement of community people resulting to the development and full participation of disabled people in all existing activities in the community by which disabled people are turned into an effective contributor to their respective areas.

The objectives of the project are;

1. To enhance capacity and confidence of people with disabilities for their active participation and constructive engagement in community development process.

2. To influence and increase capability of service providing institutions to ensure disability inclusive planning, allocation of the budget, resources and accessibility for people with disabilities.

3. To create economic opportunities for people with disabilities through skills development, linkage opportunity and IGA support.

Major Activities of the Project:
Formation of Local Ambassador Member (LAM) Group, arrange Training, Formation of Disability Friends Club, observation of Special Days and Disability Week at Schools and Colleges, Advocacy and Lobbing, distribution of Assistive Devices and Referral Services, Identify disabled students and help them to enroll in Schools, Support LAM Group in carrying out their action plan, Primary Rehabilitation Therapy (PRT) and provide legal support to the disabled people.